Track and traceability

The application of track and traceability solutions helps businesses feel secure during in the process of printing information and managing product quality. It also fully complies with market regulations and reasonable consumer demands when using the company’s products.

What is a track and traceability solution?

A traceability printing solution is a method that helps record and track important information on products for the purpose of inspection and quality control.

The goal of traceability printing is to enhance transparency in the supply chain and protect consumer rights.

Applications: Used to print various types of information on products such as manufacturing date, expiration date, barcodes, serial numbers, QR codes, company logos, etc., on various types of packaging, labels, wood, plastic, metal, etc.

Devices for printing information on products

VMS Trading and Engineering Co., Ltd. provides traceability printing solutions, including devices such as Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ), Thermal Transfer Printers (TIJ), Laser Making Machines, Label Printers, etc. With over 22 years of experience, VMS understands the concerns and requirements of businesses in various manufacturing sectors in Vietnam.

Below are some of the traceability printing products provided by VMS, specifically as follows:

Continuous Inkjet Printer

The CIJ (Continuous Inkjet printer) printing solution is a non-contact printing technology that can print on a wide variety of materials.

The printhead has an automatic cleaning function and is equipped with an air-blowing system.

Additionally, this type of machine can perform well in various environments, such as cold room temperatures, dusty conditions, and high humidity.

Recommend to some of the continuous inkjet printers at VMS: Linx 8900 Series printers, The Linx 7900 printer, The Linx 5900 printer.

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Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Ribbon printing devices (Thermal Transfer Printers) are used to code important product information directly onto the surface of packaging, labels, or packaging.

Operation is based on the effect of heat on the ink ribbon, causing the wax ink to melt. The ink then adheres directly to the surface of the label, forming printed images or text.

VMS provides various thermal transfer printers such as the Linx TT3, Linx TT5, Linx TT10, Linx TT500, etc.

Laser making machine

The laser making machine is a type of equipment that utilizes a laser beam to marking onto products.

Its operation mechanism involves focusing laser energy onto a single point, creating a hot spot on the material’s surface to generate heat. Subsequently, the laser wavelength marks the material’s surface, displaying necessary information as per the product’s predefined requirements.

The advantage of this machine, which is its high making speed, ranging from 1 to 6,000 mm/s, which offers higher work efficiency compared to conventional printing machines.

Additionally, it can mark on nearly all types of materials, ranging from simple to complex ones like metals and glass.

Most prints from laser making machines adhere very well to surfaces and can even be permanent if the material surface is not compromised.

You can explore some premium laser making machine models at VMS, such as Linx Fiber Laser making machine, Linx FSL20 Laser making machine, and others.

Labeling machine

The labeling machine performs both printing and labeling functions simultaneously on product surfaces. Combining these two functions in one machine saves space and time, providing high efficiency for businesses.

Common types of labeling machines on the market include: single-sided (top/side) labeling machines, multi-sided labeling machines, and round labeling machines.

Labeling machines are used to apply labels and decals to crates, pallets wrapped in stretch film, etc.

Here are some quality labeling machine models from VMS: ABS APL 3800 labeling machine, SATO roll label printer, EDM standalone label printer, CAB label printer,…

High-resolution inkjet printer UBS

The UBS high-resolution inkjet printer is a leading solution catering to the demand for printing large-scale graphics on product packaging while maintaining high print quality and resolution.

The UBS high-resolution inkjet printers utilize integrated UV technology, including UV lamps, printheads, and UV inks.

VMS currently offers products such as APLINK LCX, APLINK LC 72, APLINK LCX UVLED,…

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