Today, with the development of the market, protecting the rights and health of consumers is becoming a more important issue than ever. From 2015 to present, the number of consumer rights violations in Vietnam has increased significantly, especially in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Respect the rights and health of consumers

Starting from 2015, the Prime Minister decided to take March 15 every year as Vietnamese Consumer Rights Day. Organizing Vietnam Consumer Rights Day also contributes to building a healthy consumption environment for both consumers and organizations and individuals trading in goods and services; maintain stability and create development momentum for the country’s economy.

Launching ceremony of Vietnam Consumer Rights Day 2023 with the theme “Transparent information – Safe consumption”

Protecting consumers’ rights and health is always one of the issues that attracts special attention from the entire society. This comes from the actual situation of violating the rights and interests of consumers.

The theme of Consumer Rights Day 2023 is “Transparent information – Safe consumption” to affirm the meaning and importance of information for consumer safety in the process of choosing, paying, and using goods and services, especially in the context of increasingly fraudulent acts. infringing and infringing on consumer rights in transactions in the online environment.

Things to do

First, authorities need to strengthen supervision and inspection of product quality before bringing it to market, and propagate to raise consumer awareness about their rights and health.

Consumers also need to know how to distinguish safe and quality products among countless products on the market. Immediately report and complain to the authorities if you discover that the product does not meet quality or safety requirements. Close cooperation between authorities, businesses and consumers is needed to achieve this goal. Authorities need to strengthen supervision and prosecution of violations, and at the same time need to introduce policies to support businesses in carrying out activities to ensure the rights and health of consumers.

The cooperation of Vietnamese businesses in protecting the rights of domestic consumers

Doing business responsibly to the community is also responsible to the business’s brand

Protecting the rights of consumers is also the legitimate responsibility and right of businesses. Manufacturing and trading companies also need to ensure that products in circulation meet safety and quality standards. At that time, consumers will trust the quality and reputation of the brand, creating leverage to help businesses develop more sustainably than brands that are not trusted. In addition, it is necessary to establish mechanisms to encourage and motivate businesses to achieve high quality and safety standards in their products.

This can be introduced through the introduction of quality certifications and safety standards for products. Consumers also need to be guided and encouraged to use products that meet these standards.

Applying technology in product quality management

Consumers can trace the origin of agricultural products. Photo: K.Van.

Technology plays an important role in product quality management and is widely used in manufacturing companies around the world. Today, with just a few simple steps, consumers can recognize the quality of a product through packaging appearance, production parameters, expiration date, instructions for use, and inspection information. food safety… Therefore, businesses need to have correct, sufficient production processes and in accordance with the above requirements.

With the goal of joining hands to build and contribute to a prosperous Vietnamese industry, VMS provides optimal solutions in controlling, tracing and managing quality for products manufactured in Vietnam such as:

1. Product inspection solution

Product quality is something that businesses are always concerned about. For food and beverage products that directly affect the health of consumers, strictly controlling the quality of finished products is extremely important.

Product inspection solutions using Square Metal Detectors and Square X-Ray Machines help quickly detect foreign objects and residual metals during the production process and remove products from the packaging line. In addition, weight checking equipment helps ensure products are produced according to norms.

These are indispensable lines of equipment in almost all current production lines to meet the needs of printing symbols, production dates, expiry dates, product information, barcodes, QR codes. to serve the purpose of tracing product quality.

After being inspected, the product will continuously move through the Production Date – Expiration Date printing system, ensuring full information is provided to customers.

System Inkjet VMS’s automation has large capacity, durable operation, continuous printing, diverse printing materials, not picky about pocket, Can be printed on any position and flat, curved, convex, concave surfaces, can be printed from all directions including from the bottom up.

Linx inkjet printer

In addition to printing NSX-HSD using an inkjet printing system, businesses can choose to label agricultural product packaging when using plain film rolls.

The SOLO labeling machine is very economical and versatile. It uses a stepper motor to provide stability and high accuracy for the labeling process.


The system of erecting – stacking – gluing cartons and packaging is an equipment solution used for the packaging process.

The finished product packaging on the conveyor belt is placed into cartons and completely pasted for easy distribution to the market without damage, well protecting the product inside.


This is a software product researched and deployed by VMS to apply in line management, connecting equipment data from packaging, printing, tracing, testing and delivering the final product to customers. row. This software allows businesses to closely monitor factory operations, compile detailed product statistics, and retrieve past data when incidents related to product quality occur to ensure product quality. Protect brand reputation as well as consumer rights.

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