UBS APLINK LCX high resolution printer

  • Height of print: 17mm (0.67 inches) / 72mm (2.76 inches) 
  • Ink Cartridge Capacity: 1000ml 
  • Speed: 50m/minutes 
  • Resolution: 180 x 360 
  • Display: 5.7-inch touchscreen, 640 x 480 dpi 
  • The Operating Position of the PrintHead: Horizontal, vertical, angled up to 90 degrees

Features of UBS Aplink LCX Series

Below are the key features of the UBS Aplink LCX series high resolution printer:

Equipped with a fourth-generation voltage printhead, the LCX SERIES is the perfect solution for any production line with speeds of up to 50m/minute.

The flexible printhead can be installed and rotated multidirectionally, suitable for printing from top to bottom or on the sides of products.

With a resolution of up to 180 x 360 dpi, the printer can print various characters, text, illustrations, company logos, barcodes, QR codes, etc.

The UBS LCX high resolution inkjet printer series operates with ink that does not contain mineral oil, solvents, or alcohol. The ink immediately absorbs into any porous surface after printing.

Combination of the printer with UBS oil-based ink ensures the smoothest printing operation with the lowest maintenance costs.

The machine is equipped with a 5.7″ color touchscreen and user-friendly interface, providing real-time information on the printer’s status.

It allows easy integration with external databases, transmitting data obtained from the company’s ERP system directly to the printer.

The UBS Designer software facilitates quick creation, editing, and sending of labels to the printer.

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Thông số kỹ thuật

UBS APLINK LCX Large Character Inkjet Printer (United Barcode Systems)
  Height of print 17mm (0.67 inches) 72mm (2.76 inches)
  Ink Cartridge Capacity 1000ml
  Speed 50m/minutes
  Resolution 180 x 360
  Display 5.7-inch touchscreen, 640 x 480 dpi
  The Operating Position of the PrintHead Horizontal, vertical, angled up to 90 degrees
  Dimensions 618 x 140 x 223 mm
  Language Vietnamese, English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
  Printing distance 5mm
  Color Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, or other colors
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