The square SD3P-45 Type Metal Detector

  • Width of Frame: 450mm, integrated conveyor
  • Controlled by microprocessor technology
  • Incorporates advanced dual-wave technology
  • Scientifically designed with touchscreen interface
  • Easy to operate & maintain.
  • Brand: Square
  • Origin: Japan

Features of the Square SD3P-45 Type Metal Detector

The square Metal Detector utilizes magnetic fields to detect metals. Under the influence and impact of the magnetic field, metals are divided into two types: ferrous (iron) and non-ferrous (copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.). 

  • Ferrous metals detect well at high frequencies
  • Non-ferrous metals detect well at low frequencies. 

Previously, metal detectors emitted magnetic fields at a specific frequency, making it impossible to optimize detection for both types of metals (ferrous & non-ferrous) simultaneously. 

The Square SD3P-45 Type Metal Detector has been significantly improved in technology, as it can emit high frequencies to detect ferrous metals effectively or low frequencies to detect non-ferrous metals better. 

It also operates at a medium frequency to detect both with moderate sensitivity.

How does the Square SD3P-45 Type Metal Detector work?

The dual-wave metal detector from Square is the only machine in the world that emits two electromagnetic waves to detect products twice as they pass through the machine.

Instead of having to scan through two machines as before, with the SD3P-45 Type, only one device is needed to yield equivalent results.

After passing through the machine’s detection frame, if the product meets the requirements, it continues along the conveyor belt.

Conversely, if the product contains a metal, the conveyor belt stops or an alarm sounds.

Additionally, during the scanning process, the machine also supports additional functional options for removing metal as needed.

The SD3P-45 Type metal detector, with its many outstanding features and modern technology, is widely used in the food processing, agriculture, confectionery, and seafood processing industries…

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Thông số kỹ thuật

  MODEL 4508 4510 4512 4515 4518 4521 4527

  Width of frame


  Height of frame

80 100 120 150 180 210 270
  Sensitivity (FE) φ0.5 φ0.5 φ0.6 φ0.6 φ0.7 φ0.8 φ1.0
  Sensitivity (SUS304)  φ0.8 φ0.9 φ1.0 φ1.2 φ1.2 φ1.5 φ2.0
  Dimension of conveyor 1200 / 1500 (L) x 350 (W)
  Speed of conveyor 24m/minutes (50Hz)
  Load weight 3 – 10kg
  Metal detection signal Belt, alarm sounds, or defective products are removed.
  Power supply AC200V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
  Weight 107 108 109 112 115


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