The INT810-SWL615-I Weight Check Machine (Light & Medium Products)

  • Maximum load: 600g
  • Weighing range: 1 – 600g
  • Graduation: 0.1g
  • Accuracy: ±0.2g
  • Throughput: 30~300 products/minute
  • Operating temperature: 5 – 35°C (41 – 95°F)
  • Relative humidity: 35%~85%
    Brand: Intech – Origin: South Korea

The INT810-SWL615-I Weight Check Machine is a specialized about weigh and verify the consistency of products in mass production lines. It is particularly suitable for products with light to medium weight, ensuring that products meet the weight standards before being dispatched.

What is the Loadcell technology used in the INT810-SWL615-I?

The Intech Weight Check Scale uses Loadcell technology to detect weight deviations in products, identifying and removing those that do not meet weight standards.

Loadcell is a sensor device that converts force or weight into an electrical signal. With a simple yet effective operating mechanism, the Loadcell ensures that weight deviations within the allowable range are detected.

The general features

Below are the features and descriptions of the INT810-SWL615-I:

  • Utilizes digital filtering algorithms for high speed and accuracy.
  • Loadcell lock minimizes the impact of external forces during transportation or repair, reducing deformation and damage to the Loadcell.
  • Easy to operate, designed for convenient operation and maintenance.
  • Sturdy steel frame design, ensuring high durability and stability.
  • The 10.4-inch touchscreen allows for setup and configuration through simple operations.
  • Flexible speed adjustment for weighing and inspecting different products.
  • IP54 protection standard for water and dust resistance.
  • The INT810-SWL615-I Weight Check Machine, branded Intech – South Korea, is a specialized device used in various industries such as food, animal feed, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. 

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  MODEL   The INT810-SWL615-I Weight Check Machine (Light & Medium Products)
  Load weight 600g
  Range   1 – 600g
  Standard deviation   0.1g
  Accuracy   ±0.2g
  Speed 30~300 products/minute
  Speed of conveyor 10~105m/minute
  Dimension of product   Width 10~150mm
  Length  10~250mm
  Height 5~150mm
  Input 450mm
  Scale position 350mm
  Rejector 450mm – 550mm  
  Width 150mm
 Height 750±50mm
  Product Sorting divice Air blow head (maximum 300 products/minute)
Push rod (120 products/minute)
  Power supply 1 phase, 220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz
  Operating temperature Room temperature: 5 – 35°C (41 – 95°F), Relative humidity: 35%~85%


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