The automatic carton strapping machine KZW-8060D

  • Voltage: 380/50 220/60 3 Phase
  • Power: 1400 (W)
  • Product dimensions (DxC): 7400×600 (mm)
  • Strapping speed: 2.5 (seconds/loop)
  • Strap tension: 25 ~ 700 (N)
  • Machine dimensions (DxWxH) (mm): 1580mm x620mm x1470mm

The general characteristics of the automatic carton strapping machine KZW-8060D

  • The KZW-8060D automatic strapping machine integrates easily with the packaging conveyor (after the carton sealing machine, before the robot arm stacking on pallets). 
  • It can accommodate various sizes of strapping bands. 
  • The machine is operated with simple adjustment buttons integrated onto the machine, ensuring easy adjustment of carton sizes and stable operation. 
  • The function of detecting low strap and replacing the strap is also simplified as the strap roll is placed outside the machine for easy observation and operation.
  • The KZW-8060D uses plastic strapping to tie and tighten straps for wooden boxes, cartons, bricks, parcels, and packages. 
  • It is widely used in manufacturing, commercial, and export enterprises in industries such as food and beverage, construction materials, electronics, ceramics, and more.

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  MODEL The automatic carton strapping machine KZW-8060D
  Voltage (V/Hz) AC 380/50 220/60 3 Phase
  Capacity (W) 1400
  Dimension of product (mm) 7400×600
  Strapping speed (giây/vòng) 2.5
  Strap force (N) 25 ~ 700
  Width of strap (mm) 9 ~ 15
  Dimension of strap (mm) 6 ~ 15
  Strap type  PP, PE
  Length of strap (mm) 0.5 ~ 1.1
  Height of machine (mm) 750
  Dimension of machine (LxWxH) (mm) 1580 x 620 x 1470
  Weight (kg)


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