The agricultural product packaging machine VMS-5R35B

  • Packaging weight: 0.25 ~ 5 (kg)
  • Packaging speed: 300 bags/hour (6-sided) and 240 bags/hour (2-sided)
  • Tolerance: 2 ~ 5 (g)
  • Power supply: 4N-AC380V 50HZ | 2.5Kw
  • Machine dimensions: 1549(L) x 1450(W) x 2213(H) (mm)

Features of the agricultural product packaging machine VMS-5R35B

The machine is designed for dual-sided product molding (flat pouches) and six-sided product molding (gusseted pouches), with a fully automatic mechanism. 

It operates with a simple operational structure, ensuring high production efficiency with a capacity of up to 300 products per hour.

The VMS-5R35B packaging machine is a device that supports the goods packaging process in enterprises quickly and conveniently. 

This type of machine can accurately count and measure products. It then packages and seals the pouches according to the business’s specific requirements.

All types of agricultural product packaging machines provided by VMS are capable of accurately measuring ingredients. 

The machines can operate at high capacity continuously in environments ranging from 5 to 40 degrees Celsius and humidity levels up to 90%.

The machine structure is robust, with the frame being made of electrostatically painted iron, ensuring safety for consumers.

The structure of the VMS-5R35B machine

Fundamentally, the agricultural product packaging machine VMS-5R35B is structured into three main parts: electrical, software, and mechanical components. 

The electrical part includes circuit boards, resistors, motors, PLC modules, optical sensors… 

The electrical components are responsible for transmitting power and controlling the motors to ensure smooth operation of the machine.

The software consists of the electronic system, chips in the machine control unit. The software primarily involves the setup and storage of the packaging styles of the enterprise.

The mechanical part includes the machine frame, material hopper, cutting blade, rotating shaft, motor gearbox… and several other components.

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  MODEL The agricultural product packaging machine VMS-5R35B
  Packaging weight 0.25 ~ 5 (kg)
  Speed 300 bags/hour (6 sides)
240 bags/hour (2 sides)
  Tolerance 2~5 (g)
  Capacity 4N-AC380V 50HZ | 2.5Kw
  Compressed air 0.6MPa; 3m³/h
  Vacuum pressure (Mpa): -0.07 to 0 (adjustable)
  Dimensions of machine 1549(L) x 1450(W) x 2213(H) (mm)
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