The agricultural product packaging machine VMS-10R17c

  • Model: VMS-10R17c
  • Packaging weight: 2.5 ~ 10 (kg)
  • Speed: 800 – 1000 bags/hour
  • Tolerance: 2 ~ 5 (g)
  • Power supply: 4N-AC 380V 50Hz | 5Kw
  • Functions: Bag feeding, Dosing, Vacuum sealing, Packaging,…

The features of agricultural product packaging machine VMS-10R17c

One of the prominent advantages of the VMS-10R17c agricultural product packaging machine is its ability to accurately measure agricultural products. This ensures that the products are packaged thoroughly and with high precision.

Packaging, including vacuum sealing (depending on the machine), helps ensure the quality of agricultural products and prevents damage. Especially for items susceptible to environmental influences.

Packing products neatly and securely facilitates their transport and distribution. This not only helps reduce risks for the business but also makes a positive impression with customers.

Both automatic and semi-automatic agricultural product packaging machines require minimal manpower to operate. This allows businesses to effectively save on labor costs.

The agricultural product packaging machine VMS-10R17c is a dual-sided (flat pouch) packaging machine equipped with an automated system: Bag feeding, vacuum sealing system, product shaping, fully automatic dosing.

The machine is designed with two automatic bag feeding stations combined with two product shaping mold stations, and a packaging bag tray capacity of up to 500 bags, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

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  MODEL The agricultural product packaging machine VMS-10R17c
  Packaging weight 2.5 ~ 10 (kg)
  Speed 800 – 1000 (bags/hour)
  Tolerance  2~5 (g)
  Capacity 4N-AC 380V 50Hz | 5Kw
  Compressed air 0.8MPa; 25m³/h
  Vacuum pressure (MPa): -0.07 – 0 (adjustable)
  Dimensions of machine 2960(L) x3600(W)x 3000 (H) (mm)
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