SX2-4074W Square X-Ray inspection system

  • Dimension detection frame: 390mm (W) x 150mm (H)
  • Load capacity: 5kg
  • Conveyor speed: 15 – 45m/min
  • Belt width: 420mm
  • Sensitivity: φ0.3mm for spherical iron or stainless steel, stone, hard bone, solid plastic,…
  • Display: 15.6-inch TFT color touchscreen LCD
  • Operating environment: 0 – 35 degrees Celsius, Humidity: 30 – 85%, non-condensing
  • Weight: 185kg

The general characteristics of the Square SX2-4074W inspection system

The Square X-ray contaminant inspection system, with technology from Japan, is trusted by many domestic and international businesses. 

The system can detect and identify products contaminated with foreign substances such as bones, metals, non-metals, and other impurities not part of the product’s composition. 

Additionally, it can detect packaging defects, product shortages, and product weight, contributing to comprehensive product inspection. This ensures high product quality before shipment. 

The machine entirely is made of high-grade stainless steel, providing rust resistance. 

SX2-4074W Square X-Ray Inspection system complies with IP66 standards. It does not use a cooling system and can operate in various environments.

The integrated system features multiple functions including foreign object detection, missing defect detection, metal detection, and product weight inspection.

Operating voltage: 220 VAC, standard residential voltage, no additional voltage converter required for use.

X-ray detection technology provides accurate inspection capabilities. The levels of defects can be easily controlled or processed.

The color touchscreen ensures easy setup and operation.

The Square SX2-4074W X-ray contaminant inspection system operates in a fully enclosed manner, protecting the internal electrical components from environmental damage. This can extend the lifespan of circuit boards, switches, etc

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  Model SX2-4074W Square X-Ray inspection system

  Dimension of detection frame

390mm (W) x 150mm (H)
  Load weight 5kg
  Conveyor speed 15 – 45m/minute
  Width of belt  420mm
  Sensitivity φ0.3mm spherical iron or stainless steel, stone, hard bone, solid plastic,…
  Display LCD touchscreen color TFT 15.6 inches
  Construction Made of stainless steel 304, waterproof conveyor belt, IP66 protection level.
  Beam power Maximum voltage: 75kV, current: 8.0mA, (Max: 300W)
  Operating temperature 0 – 35 degrees Celsius, Humidity: 30 – 85%, non-condensing
  Weight  185kg
  Power supply AC200V ± 10%, 1.5kVA, 50/60Hz
  Height of conveyor 750±50mm
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