SOLO round bottle labeling machine

  • Power supply: AC230V/50Hz/1 phase
  • Control system: PLC (Japan)
  • Label pulling speed: 18m/min
  • Machine dimensions: 1000mm (W) x 1300mm (H) x 1950mm (L)
  • Label dimensions: 120mm (H) x 207mm (L)
  • Machine weight: 180kg
  • Brand: SOLO
  • Made in Malaysia

Features of the SOLO round bottle labeling machine

The machine is equipped with a conveyor system that drives the product to the automatic labeling unit. 

The machine is designed and controlled by a modern motor and inverter. 

The system includes various types of sensors: product sensors, label spacing sensors, optical sensors, and a heavy-duty conveyor system controlled by an inverter, along with a pneumatic bottle rotating roller system. 

The SOLO round bottle labeling machine is equipped with an intelligent PLC control system and stepper motor. The interface is user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Easy to adjust labeling speed, label length, and label positioning by setting the delay timer, etc. 

The SOLO automatic round bottle labeling machine can use a variety of labels on products. 

It labels quickly and beautifully, producing high-quality products that meet market demands. Suitable for labeling vertically, around the surface of round bottles, corners, and sides of square bottles. 

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  MODEL SOLO round bottle labeling machine
  Supply power AC230V /50Hz /1 phase
  Control system. PLC (Japan)
  Label pulling speed (m/min) Outer diameter (mm)
  Accuracy (mm) ±1 (depending on the shape of the product)
  Labeling speed (products/min)
  • Belt speed for label smoothing: 50 – 70
  • Bottle rotating roller speed: 30 – 40
  • Applying 2 labels from 1 roll: 20 – 30
  Label size 120 (C) x 207 (D)
  Inner diameter (mm) φ76
  Outer diameter (mm) φ250
  Machine dimensions (mm) 1000 (R) x 1300 (C) x 1950 (D)
  Weight 180
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