SOLO automatic double-sided labeling machine

  • Labeling speed: 70 – 90 products / minute
  • Label length: 20mm (Min), 400mm (Max)
  • Label roll: Inner diameter 76mm, outer diameter 300mm
  • Machine dimensions: 1500 mm (W) x 1600 mm (L) x 2300 mm (H)
  • Label pulling speed: 28m / minute
  • Round labeling speed: 60 products/minute

The SOLO automatic double-sided labeling machine is a leading solution that serves the manufacturing operations across various industries. So, what are the advantages of a double-sided labeling machine? Let’s explore them in the article introduced below.

The outstanding advantages of the SOLO double-sided labeling machine

  • High adhesion, durable, tear-resistant, and fade-resistant decal labels.
  • The automatic labeling machine can operate independently or integrate with filling and cartoning lines.
  • High labeling speed helps businesses optimize manpower and labor costs.

General features of the SOLO double-sided labeling machine

The automatic double-sided labeling machine (two side) can apply labels to product surfaces using 1 label or 2 labels. It can be upgraded to label 3 sides/4 sides of products.

The labeling speed, balanced belt, and main conveyor are synchronized. 

The Servo E-Cam ensures stability and high precision in the labeling process.

The balance belt and conveyor help prevent product falls when the conveyor stops or restarts. 

Linear label pulling speed reaches up to 28 meters per minute, ensuring smooth and continuous motion with adjustable settings.

The double-sided labeling machine is equipped with a touch control screen for ease of use, with memory storage for up to 30 different programs for various labeling applications.

The labeling head adjusts in 5 axes: vertical, horizontal, left-right, angle tilt, and can rotate up to 20º.

Construction is robust and sturdy, with a stainless steel conveyor frame.

The labeling system is flexible for both online and offline applications.

It offers versatile labeling functions for various products such as round, square, and oval bottles.

The automatic double-sided decal labeling machine includes a rotating belt for labeling round bottles.

The machine features label shortage detection for products.

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  MODEL SOLO automatic double-sided labeling machine
  Labeling head Direct drive by servo
  Labeling speed 70 – 90 products per minute
  Label length 20mm (Min), 400mm (Max)
  Label roll Inner diameter 76mm, outer diameter 300mm.
  Dimension of machine 1500mm (W) x 1600mm (L) x 2300mm (H)
  Label pulling speed 28 meters per minute 
  Round labeling speed 60 products per minute
  Height of label 20mm (Min) x 200mm (Max)
  Capacity 220 – 240 VAC, 1 phase, 50Hz
  Weight 330kg


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