Pallet wrapping machine P46P – Plus 

  • Turntable speed: 2-12 RPM (rounds per minute)
  • Turntable diameter: 1650mm
  • Maximum height: 2200mm | 2600mm | 3000mm (option)
  • Pallet dimensions: 1160x1160mm
  • Pallet weight: 1650kg
  • Control mechanism: HMI touchscreen
  • Forklift ramp dimensions: 1165 x 1000mm
  • Dimensions of machine: 2351x1587x2346 (mm)
  • Weight: 394kg

The pallet wrapping machine P46P – Plus utilizes stretch film (PE) to wrap palletized products, protecting them from moisture and preventing falling during transportation or storage. Let’s explore the P46P – Plus through the article introduced below.

Why choose the P46P – Plus stretch wrapping machine?

Instead of packaging goods with carton boxes, wooden crates, or strapping, using a pallet wrapping machine is an efficient and cost-saving solution. The layer of stretch film wrapped around the pallet helps stabilize the goods, preventing them from falling off and getting lost during transportation or storage.

Especially for non-rigid goods such as rolled paper, adhesive tapes, fabrics, etc., placing them on pallets and moving them with forklifts can be challenging and prone to tipping. Palletized wrapped in stretch film are protected from external factors such as dust, water, moisture, and scratches during transportation or storage.

The machine operates automatically, equipped with sensors to control the wrapping process accurately, allowing easy adjustment of tension and height during wrapping.

The stretch film used for pallet wrapping is lightweight, thin, stretchable, and easy to use. It is especially cheaper than other methods such as wooden crates, cartons, etc. This helps businesses save costs on materials as well as labor for production.

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The outstanding features of P46P Plus

The P46P Plus features:

  • Stretch film tension up to 300%, ensuring tension and beautiful wrapping of pallets.
  • Adjustment via a touch screen, through HMI (Human Machine Interface).
  • Large turntable diameter of up to 1650mm, catering to the needs of even large factories.
  • Simultaneous storage of 4 wrapping programs with 6 wrapping patterns for different products.
  • Includes a Ramp (for manual pallet jacks).

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  MODEL Pallet wrapping machine P46P – Plus 
  Voltage 110V/230V/240V, 50 /60HZ, 1-PH
  Turntable speed 2- 12 RPM (round/minutes)
  Turntable diameter 1650mm
  Maximum height 2200mm | 2600mm | 3000mm (option)
  Pallet dimensions 1160 x 1160mm
  Pallet weight 1650kg
  Control mechanism HMI touch screen
  Forklift ramp dimensions 1165 x 1000mm
  Machine dimensions 2351 x 1587 x 2346 (mm)
  Machine weight 394kg
  Film tension 200% by default, (250%, 300% optional)
0 – 100%
  Outer diameter of the film roll Φ 250mm
  Core diameter of the film roll Φ 76mm
  Height of the film roll 500m


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