Packaging Machine M250 – Viking Masek

  • Max Speed: 100 cpm 
  • Bag Size: Max: 250mm x 400mm / 300mm x 400mm Min: 60mm x 60mm 
  • Weight: 750 kg 
  • Dimension: 2290mm X 1350mm x 1600mm (L x W x H)
  • Machine construction: Stainless steel 
  • Function: Store over 100 product recipes 
  • IP standard: IP66 
  • Maximum roll width: 800mm

Introduction to the M250 Packaging Machine

  • Packaging Machine M250 Viking Masek, a brand from Europe, is widely used in factories and production facilities in Vietnam and globally. 
  • Here is some information about the M250 packaging machine:
  • This is a high-performance vertical packaging machine capable of operating powerfully and durably. It is considered highly flexible due to its integration of multiple functions and provides significant economic efficiency. The M250 operates at a high speed, estimated at up to 100 products per minute.
  • The M250 Pillow packaging machine has a bagging function with a bag width of up to 250mm (however, the machine can also be configured to bag up to 400mm as per product requirements) and a length of 400mm per bagging cycle.
  • The M250 is a vertical packaging machine suitable for packaging solid products such as coffee, cereals, sugar, candies, or liquid products, suitable for Pillow bag types. 
  • The closed-loop servo system and stainless steel construction allow the machine to operate well in harsh environments such as moisture and dust. The machine’s structure is designed for easy cleaning after use, in compliance with strict regulations in the food and medical industries. 
  • M250 is specifically designed for packaging products using the Bag-In-Box method
  • The machine can be integrated into the production line such as a coding machine, weight checkers, metal detectors, etc. 
  • Other functions include gas flushing, creating various complex bag types, vacuum sealing,…

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Packaging Machine M250 – Viking Masek
 Max Speed 100 cpm
  Bag Size Max: 250mm x 400mm / 300mm x 400mm

Min: 60mm x 60mm

  Weight 750 kg
  Dimension 2290mm X 1350mm x 1600mm (L x W x H)
  Air Pressure 6 bar (15 – 18 CFM tại 90 PSI)
  Power Supply 6kVA (480V – three phase, 60Hz, 20 AMPS)
  Machine construction Stainless steel
  Function Store over 100 product recipes
  IP Standard IP66
  Maximum roll width 800mm
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