Monoblock Filling Machine

  • Number of rinse nozzles: 8 – 80
  • Number of filling heads: 8 – 80
  • Number of capping heads: 4 – 18
  • Capacity: 3,000 – 30,000 (bottles / hour)
  • Brand: Hill – Malaysia
  • Technology from Germany and Japan

Introduction to the Monoblock Bottled Water Filling Machine

Hill is a well-known brand from Malaysia with over 10 years of experience in the bottling and filling industry. 

HILL always leads in technology, product development, and excellent service, providing a range of equipment including water treatment, bottle blowing, washing – filling – capping, shrink labeling, block – tray – carton packaging… optimally serving various sectors: purified water, mineral water, fruit juice, lactic acid beverages, carbonated drinks, wine, juices, sauce,…

The advantage of using the Monoblock Filling Machine – Hill

Hill filling machines are designed and manufactured applying the most advanced technology from Japan and Germany.

They utilize the “fixed liquid surface weight” filling principle, ensuring quick filling, high accuracy, and preventing drip or leak.

Spring clamps are used during the bottle washing process. The empty bottles can rotate 180 degrees along the conveyor. This allows for washing both the inside and outside of the bottles.

Magnetic torque is used to cap the bottles. The capping force can be easily adjusted to prevent bottle cap damage, ensuring tight and reliable sealing.

The entire Hill – Monoblock filling machine is controlled by a PLC with a touchscreen interface, making it easy to use.

Amount of liquid in the tank is automatically controlled. The capping functions will automatically stop when there are no bottles.

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Thông số kỹ thuật

MODEL Number of rinse nozzles Number of filling heads Number of capping heads Output (bottle/hour)
  HILL 8-8-4C 8 8 4 3.000
  HILL 14-14-5C 14 14 5 4.000
  HILL 18-18-6C 18 18 6 6.000
  HILL 24-24-8C 24 24 8 10.000
  HILL 32-32-10C 32 32 10 13.000
  HILL 40-40-10C 40 40 10 18.000
  HILL 50-50-12C 50 50 12 20.000
  HILL 60-60-15C 60 60 15 25.000
  HILL 80-80-18C 80 80 18 30.000
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