Linx TT750 thermal transfer (ribbon) printer

  • Brand: Linx – UK 
  • Speed 250 times/minute
  • Width of ribbon:  20mm – 35mm (32mm) / 20mm – 55mm (53mm) 
  • Maximum ribbon length: 1200m
  • Operating temperature range: 0 – 40 degrees Celsius 
  • Maximum humidity: 85% 
  • Power supply: 100 – 240V, 2A, 50/60Hz 
  • Ribbon: Wax/resin or Resin

Linx TT750 thermal transfer (ribbon) printer is the ideal printing solution for various types of packaging, widely used in many different industries. Let’s learn more about it through the article that is introduced below:

The Advantage of using Linx TT750 in production

Below are some benefits of using Linx TT750 printer, as follows:

  • The ribbon design in the form of a cassette ensures quick and simple ribbon replacement, saving time.
  • Linx TT750 ribbon printer has a ribbon length of 1200m, with a width of up to 107mm – Reducing the frequency of ribbon changes.
  • Operation without the need for compressed air: Minimizes installation and operation costs; however, it still ensures stable print quality.
  • Optimize ribbon usage with 3 selectable ribbon-saving modes.
  • Fast printing speed of up to 1000mm/s helps increase work efficiency
  • The user-friendly color touchscreen minimizes errors and does not cause operational obstacles.
  • Standard encoding format allows basic programming without the need for a computer.
  • CLARiSOFT image design software supports various graphic formats: barcodes (EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, EAN128, Code 128, ITF, PDF417, Data Matrix, QR Code, RSS,…
  • Easy installation and maintenance of print quality thanks to electronic pressure control.
  • The printer operates easily through an intuitive graphical control interface.
  • Increase print area size and ribbon length to better meet application and production needs.

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Linx TT750 thermal transfer (ribbon) printer
  Brand Linx – UK
  Width of ribbon   20mm – 35mm (32mm)
20mm – 55mm (53mm)
  Maximum ribbon length 1200m
  Printing speed – continuous mode  40 – 750mm/s
  Printing speed – intermittent mode  40 – 750mm/s
  Printhead  32mm/53mm, resolution 300 dpi, 12 dots/mm
  Length of cable between printer and controller:  3m
  Speed  250 times/minute
  Language Multilingual operation
  Display Color touchscreen LCD, 8.0” WVGA (800×480)
Connectivity: USB memory card support, RS232, External inputs, external outputs, Ethernet,…
  Operating temperature range:  0 – 40 degrees Celsius
  Maximum humidity  85%
  Power supply
100 – 240V, 2A, 50/60Hz
  Ribbon Wax/resin or Resin


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