Linx 8940 Spectrum continuous inkjet printers

  • Number of lines in printing up to 6 lines 
  • Printing speed: up to 10m/s 
  • Main filter: up to 12 months or 8,000 hours 
  • IP standard: IP65 standard  
  • Ink high-contrast  
  • Power consumption: 38W

Introduction to the Linx 8940 Spectrum continuous inkjet printer 

Linx 8940 Spectrum with reliable printing capabilities, featuring high-contrast color ink on surfaces such as plastic cables, multi-layered products, and colored glass. High-quality printing

Designed for harsh environments and high-speed production lines, up to 10 m/s. The Linx 8940 Spectrum also integrates enhanced features, accurately marking meter positions for cable and wire applications.

The construction of Linx 8940 Spectrum is robustly designed and improved to increase production uptime and extend maintenance intervals. Ensuring stable operation after prolonged downtime.

Patent-pending PureFlow® advanced filtration system ensures ink purity while maintaining opacity

VOTEX®: Continuous ink mixing ensures high-contrast and uniform ink.

Optimal performance even in harsh environments, with a standby time of up to one month. The printer is ready for its first print without the need for purging or continuous power on.
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What are the highlights of the Linx 8940 Spectrum?

The automatic printhead cleaning feature performs daily, and the standard cleaning interval can be extended up to 3 months, enhancing production efficiency and saving cleaning costs. Compared to other models that may require more frequent cleaning, possibly on a daily basis.

Each time the printer is powered on or off, it runs a AutoFlush process to clean the printhead from the inside, without wasting any solvent

Linx 8940 Spectrum is part of the 89series can be shut down for up to 3 months without the need to purge material upon restart; suitable for shutdown periods during downtime or for secondary production lines.

You cannot always be present at the factory to monitor the production process, and this is where Printernet becomes extremely useful, allowing you to remotely access and manage printers.

Connecting to Printernet remotely via your phone, tablet, or PC enables you to monitor production status anytime, anywhere, and helps control production targets through alerts.

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Linx 8940 Spectrum
  Number of lines in printing  up to 6 lines
  Printing speed up to 10m/s
  Main filter up to 12 months or 8,000 hours
  IP standard IP 65 standard compliant
  Ink High-contrast 
  Power consumption 38W
  Rated voltage 120V
  Operating temperature range 5 – 45 degrees Celsius

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