Laser Marking Machine CSL30 Linx

  • Power consumption: 0.7kW 
  • Dimensions of the laser marking unit (LxWxH): 778 x 145 x 185mm 
  • Marking speed: 2000 characters/s 
  • Speed: 900m/minutes 
  • The operating position of the printhead: 0 – 360 degrees 
  • Capacity: 30W 
  • Laser tube wavelength: 9.3μm or 10.2μm or 10.6μm

What are the outstanding features of the Laser Marking Machine CSL30 Linx?

  • Large color touchscreen and LinxVision® software facilitate easy message creation and print parameter management.
  • The Linx CO2 CSL30 laser marking machine is a new generation model with significant improvements to reduce coding errors and meet coding regulations. Password login feature for quality user management.
  • More than 20,000 different configuration settings to meet product coding requirements. This provides flexibility without significantly increasing costs.
  • Sharp, clear coding on glass, rubber, even on high-speed production lines. Easily codes on products with complex shapes.
  • Easy integration into production lines – the printhead is easily removable and features a quick-disconnect cable system.
  • Cooling costs are minimal.
  • The CSL30 Linx is equipped with a powerful quad-core processor, allowing for the printing of complex messages – including 2D barcodes, QR codes, and logos – on fast-moving lines without compromising message quality.
  • Printhead lifespan up to 45,000 hours – the longest lifespan on the market. Maintenance intervals are typically twice as long as the industry standard.
  • The laser printhead features adjustable focus, designed for lines with frequent product changes. This technology allows for the adjustment of the distance and focus of the laser beam, meaning the laser does not need to be moved or adjusted for products of different sizes.
  • The Linx PrinterNet IoT solution helps you monitor production line activities and troubleshoot remotely more quickly, improving system uptime.
  • Brand: Linx – United Kingdom.

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Laser Marking Machine CSL30 Linx
  Power consumption 0.7kW
  Dimensions of the laser marking unit (LxWxH) 778 x 145 x 185mm
  Marking speed 2000 characters/s
  Speed 900m/minutes
  The operating position of the printhead 0 – 360 degrees
  Capacity 30W
  Laser tube wavelength 9.3μm or 10.2μm or 10.6μm
  Marking distance 67mm – 576mm
  Construction Stainless steel casing, anodized aluminum frame
  Operating temperature 5 – 40 degrees Celsius
  Standard Operating temperature
  Particle size 0.12mm – 1.6mm
  Marking area 29mm x 36mm đến 440mm – 601mm
  Number of printhead Available in 4 options
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