KZB-I Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

  • Voltage: 220/50 (V/Hz)
  • Power: 320 (W)
  • Product dimensions (DxC): Unlimited
  • Strapping speed: 2.5 (seconds/loop)
  • Strap tension: 10 ~ 450 (N)
  • Machine height: 750 (mm)

The KZB-I Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine is a semi-automatic device designed to secure packages with plastic straps. This equipment is commonly used in industries such as packaging, transportation, and storage of goods. Below is the complete information about the KZB-I that we would like to introduce to our readers.

The general features of the KZB-I Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

The KZB-I Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine features a simple structure, a high work table, and convenient operation for strapping.

Smart function: it automatically shuts off when not in use, saving electricity and enhancing safety.

The machine operates quietly and can run continuously for long periods without overheating.

The strap weld is durable and does not break during transportation, thanks to its stepless potentiometer.

This is a versatile strapping machine, offering speed and precision.

It is suitable for strapping various sizes of PP plastic straps.

The machine automatically shuts down after a certain period of inactivity, or this can be adjusted to suit the product, ensuring energy efficiency.

The worktable is made of thick stainless steel, wear-resistant, the outer frame to prevent dust accumulation.

Specifications can be adjusted using the control panel and manually.

The KZB-I strapping machine uses plastic straps to secure wooden crates, cardboard boxes, bricks, parcels, and packages. 

It is widely used in manufacturing, trade, and export industries such as food, beverages, construction materials, electronics, ceramics, and more.

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  MODEL KZB-I Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine
  Voltage (V/Hz) AC 220/50
  Capacity (W) 320
  Dimension of product (mm) unlimited
  Strapping speed (second/round) 2.5
  Strap force (N) 10 ~ 450
  Height OF STRAP (mm) 750
  Dimension of strap (mm) 6 ~ 15
  Dimension of machine (LxWxH) (mm) 900 x 850 x 750
  Weight (kg) 100


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