High-Resolution Printer UBS Aplink MRX Series

  • Height of print: 72mm (2.83 inches) / 144mm (5.67 inches) 
  • Ink capacity: 500/1000ml
  • Speed: 110m/minutes 
  • Resolution: 180 x 720 dpi
  • Number of printhead: 4 
  • Print distance: 5mm 
  • Color: Black or other colors

The advantage of using high resolution Printer UBS Aplink MRX Series

This is a high-solution printer designed to print various characters, images, company logos, symbols, and standard GS1 barcodes (GTIN13, GTIN14, G21-128, GS1 Datamatrix, etc.) on secondary packaging such as cardboard boxes, pallets, wooden crates, etc.

Equipped with a fourth-generation piezoelectric printhead, the printer can print messages with a height ranging from 72 to 144mm, high resolution of 180 x 720 dpi, and a printing speed of 110 meters per minute.

The UBS Aplink MRX Series printer is easy to install and integrate anywhere on the production line of a business.

Its breakthrough temperature control and ink management technology ensure consistently low consumption, precise ink jetting, and make it an excellent tool for cost savings on the production line

The UBS Aplink MRX Series operates with mineral oil-free ink, containing no solvents or alcohol. The ink instantly absorbs into any porous surface after printing.

The excellent combination of the printer with UBS oil-based ink ensures the smoothest printing operation with the lowest maintenance costs.

The machine is equipped with a color touchscreen and a user-friendly interface, providing real-time printer information and status. 

The UBS Aplink MRX Series allows for easy integration with external databases, transmitting data obtained from the company’s ERP system directly to the printer. 

The UBS Designer Pro software, UBS message editor, and UBS Labman 4.0 facilitate easy creation, editing, and quick sending of labels to the printer.

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High-Resolution Printer UBS Aplink MRX Series
  Height of print 72mm (2.83 inches) 144mm (5.67 inches)
  Ink capacity 500/1000ml 500/1000ml
  Speed 110m/minutes 110m/minutes
  Resolution 180 x 720 dpi 180 x 720 dpi
  Display 10.1-inch color touchscreen
  Printhead Position Horizontal, vertical, angle up to 90 degrees
  Output 110/240v / 50-60Hz / 21W (1 machine)
110/240v / 50-60Hz / 37W (2 machines)
110/240v / 50-60Hz / 37W
  Number of printhead 4
  Print distance 5mm
  Color Black or other colors
  Operating temperature 5 – 50 degrees Celsius
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