Production management software solution VMS 4.1

What is the VMS 4.1 Production Management Software Solution?

This is a solution designed to help businesses optimize the management and control of equipment activities in production. 

With over 22 years of creating industrial solutions, VMS deeply understands the concerns and challenges in controlling, measuring, and ensuring the performance of each piece of machinery, as well as proactively monitoring operations according to the plan. 

Combining extensive experience in hardware engineering and software implementation in practical applications, VMS believes that with innovative advancements, improvements in the software called VMS 4.1, the problem of managing efficiency and quality in production has never been simpler now!

How does the VMS 4.1 Production Management Software Solution deliver efficiency?

Easy data management

  • Linking operational data from groups of packaging, inspection, coding & marking, and pallet labeling equipment: Production activities are tracked and traced in the software through the control of the production process from the beginning to the ending of the production line.
  • All equipment data is linked and aggregated at a workstation, where it is processed and organized into personalized data for the unique production lines of each customer’s factory.
  • Data security and safety are ensured, with data synchronized from the workstation software to a local server that handles direct data processing and backup. Additionally, data is stored on a cloud server and accessed online.
  • A mobile application provides real-time information access via Webform browsers, web browsers, or mobile apps to view dashboards that monitor the linked equipment system.

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Professionalism in production operation


  • A software solution that helps establish and maintain discipline in work through operational processes.
  • It monitors and evaluates work performance, thereby promoting professionalism in the production environment.


  • The solution helps employees form and maintain good work habits through operational compliance.
  • Recording and monitoring daily activities helps employees gradually form disciplined and efficient work habits.

Adherence to operational procedures

  • The software solution ensures that all operational procedures are followed accurately and consistently.
  • It provides tools and necessary information to facilitate employee compliance, minimize errors, and enhance work efficiency.

Raw materials and supplies

The production management software solution helps control and trace raw material inputs and outputs. It ensures clarity in data and effective quantification in manufacturing

The software helps optimize the operational capacity of equipment. 

It ensures that equipment operates at controlled real-time capacity levels, enhancing production efficiency

Monitor and analyze productivity metrics for each piece of equipment to identify areas for improvement.

Support the enhancement of equipment productivity through regular maintenance and efficient utilization.

Manage and reduce operational costs of equipment by optimizing usage and maintenance processes. 

Monitor costs related to materials and maintenance to help businesses effectively control budgets

Measure and analyze the operational performance of equipment to ensure smooth and continuous operation.

Implement improvement measures and optimize operations based on real-time data to enhance efficiency and reliability of the equipment.

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Product quality

  • The production management software ensures product quality through equipment reliability, ensuring attractive and quality-tested packaging of goods.
  • It monitors and records technical specifications, conducts quality checks, and detects issues early that could affect product quality


  • The packaging of products is produced to be beautiful, attractive, and consistent, creating trust and high evaluation from customers to enhance brand reputation in the market.
  • The software supports maintaining quality standards and meeting strict customer requirements, thereby building trust and loyalty among customers towards the brand.


  • Optimizing production processes and quality control helps create high-value products that meet customer needs and expectations. 
  • Products with stable quality and reasonable prices help businesses compete strongly in the market, increasing brand value and long-term economic benefits

Key functions off the VMS 4.1 production management software solution

  • Data collection.
  • Monitoring equipment operation metrics.
  • Tracking information and direct product identification on the production line





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