Primary packaging solutions

What is primary packaging? What types of equipment and machinery are used for primary packaging needs? Let’s explore through the article introduced below.

What is primary packaging?

Primary packaging is the process of packaging a product immediately after it is manufactured, with the layer of packaging directly contacting the product.

The benefits of primary packaging is to preserve the product in ideal conditions from the moment it is packaged until it is opened for use.

The application of primary packaging in production is quite common, suitable for industries such as bottled beverages, medical, pharmaceuticals, food, seafood, and more.

You can easily imagine primary packaging in commonly seen consumer products such as jars, cans, bottles, and plastic bags. For electronic goods, primary packaging includes plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

What machinery and equipment are involved in the primary packaging stage?

Primary packaging solutions include packaging machines, filling machines, and 20L bottled water production lines.

The packaging equipment provided by VMS ensures maximum operational efficiency, giving businesses peace of mind in the production process and quality control of their products.

Packaging Machines

Packaging machines (or packaging lines) are widely used in production activities. These machines can package a variety of products in solid form, packaging on trays with high and stable capacity, meeting all stringent requirements and standards.

Packaging forms include pillow packs, 3-side seal bags, and 4-side seal bags (sachets), for example, instant coffee packs, tea bags, and snacks.

Some types of packaging machines provided by VMS include vertical packaging machine, agricultural product packaging machines, and horizontal packaging machines.

Filling Machines

Filling machines are devices designed to fill and measure ingredients in liquid or powder form.

Modern filling machines also integrate additional functions such as bottle rinsing and capping without the need for human labor.

Therefore, filling machines play a crucial and indispensable role in the production activities of factories and manufacturing facilities.

Now, common types of filling machines in the market include automatic filling machines and semi-automatic filling machines.

VMS provides various types of filling machines such as the VMSRF Piston Filler and the Monoblock Bottle Filling Machine.

20L Water Bottling Production Line

The 20L water bottling production line is an essential piece of equipment for businesses operating in the purified water industry. Its main functions include support devices for bottling, bottle cleaning, and capping.

The filling capacity of the production line varies from 120, 150, 250, 600, 900 to 1200 bottles per hour. This allows businesses to easily choose the capacity that best suits their production needs.

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