The solutions for devices such as packaging, filling, and automatic printing for the cosmetics industry are always a top concern for businesses, aiming to optimize production activities. Let’s explore some solutions for the cosmetics industry through the article introduced below.

What is the cosmetics industry?

The cosmetics industry specializes in processing products from various synthetic chemicals. 

Through formulation and production processes, they create finished products intended for cleaning, skin care, hair care, etc. 

They do not have therapeutic effects or address underlying skin issues. Additionally, the components do not remain on the skin surface or mucous membranes for long periods.

Cosmetic products include bath gels, shampoos, skin care products, hair care products, etc., which can be easily found in stores and supermarkets.

The ingredients, after being measured and weighed accurately, are formulated in appropriate proportions and permissible dosages. This is to ensure that the intended purpose is achieved and simultaneously guarantee the safety of the user’s health

What regulations must cosmetic industry packaging comply with?

Cosmetic industry products have a direct impact on the human body, so their quality must be ensured to avoid negative effects on health. This places high demands on quality from the production process to packaging and distribution of each product.

Below are some quality regulations for cosmetic packaging that businesses and manufacturing facilities must strictly comply with.

Regulations on product information and labeling: Information about ingredients, manufacturing date, expiration date, origin traceability barcode, and warnings must be fully provided on the labels to ensure transparency and build consumer trust.

Safety standards: Any product must undergo safety inspections by regulatory agencies such as the Department of Health, the Drug Administration, and other relevant organizations before being launched on the market. 

Through these inspections and reviews, the packaging is ensured to be free from harmful substances and to comply with established safety standards.

Compliance with environmental regulations: Cosmetic packaging must meet environmental protection and resource reuse requirements. This includes the use of recycled materials and adherence to regulations on waste management and reduction during the production process.

Compliance with regulations to protect the rights and interests of consumers: All information must be entirely accurate, not misleading or fraudulent, to protect consumer rights and ensure the highest quality of the product.

Adhering to cosmetic packaging standards is a necessary responsibility for manufacturing businesses. This not only helps meet regulatory requirements but also enhances transparency and builds strong consumer trust.

Equipment solutions for the cosmetics industry

VMS, with over 22 years of experience providing solutions to conglomerates and businesses of all sizes in Vietnam, understands the criteria necessary to meet quality standards before products are circulated on the market. Here are some specific solutions for the cosmetics industry:

Solution for filling

The filling line is a solution that optimizes the packaging process in the cosmetics industry. With the support of filling equipment, workers can limit direct contact with chemicals, ensuring safety in the workplace.

The machines operate based on pre-programmed data, ensuring high accuracy and uniform dosage for all products, with smooth operational mechanisms.

You can consider some filling machines such as:

  • Monoblock filling line
  • VMSRF piston pump filling machine

Labeling solution

Labeling machines play a crucial role in the cosmetics industry. Labels contain essential information and product images, aiding in product promotion and attracting consumer attention.

Using labeling machines improves work productivity, ensures precise and perfect label application without wrinkles or peeling.

Some high-quality labeling machines for the cosmetics industry at VMS include: single-sided labeling machines, double-sided labeling machines, round labeling machines,…

Metal detection solution

The quality control process in the cosmetics industry is rigorously monitored, especially concerning metal and contamination in products. These substances, if ingested, can pose health risks and potentially lead to various illnesses.

Such incidents can result in significant damage to manufacturing companies, diminish brand credibility, and erode consumer trust.

Trace and traceability solution

The track and traceability printing solution includes various types of printers capable of printing or engraving essential information on products such as serial numbers, manufacturing dates, expiration dates, QR codes, brand logos, etc. It can be applied on diverse materials like metal, paper, plastic, wood, glass, etc.

Popular printing solutions available in the market today include: thermal inkjet printers, continuous inkjet printers, laser engraving machines, and label printing and applying systems.

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