Consumer goods

Packaging for the consumer goods industry is a very important process. A professional packaging process ensures maximum safety for the product, minimizing the risk of collisions and damage to goods.

Let’s explore effective solutions for the consumer goods industry through the information below.

What are consumer goods?

Consumer goods are types of products that are not used further in production activities; their ultimate purpose is to serve usage and consumption.

Consumer products are also considered essential items with daily usage needs and frequent replenishment, such as clothing, beverages, tobacco, household items, and other goods.

Why do consumer goods need to be packaged?

Here are the benefits of packaging consumer goods, specifically as follows:

Protecting products from environmental factors such as humidity, air, light, and physical impacts that could lead to damage or deformation.

Facilitating the transportation of goods, minimizing the risk of loss or damage.

Packaged goods reflect professionalism, contributing to building the company’s image and brand.

Particularly, export products must comply with strict requirements and regulations regarding the coding machine of information on packaging, labels, packaging standards, and storage conditions. Therefore, packaging is very necessary.

Effective solutions for the consumer goods industry

Typical solutions for the consumer goods industry in the current market include: carton printers, sealers, consumer goods packaging machines, checkweighers, etc.

Carton printers in the consumer goods industry

In the packaging industry, cardboard boxes are quite commonly used for packing raw products. Goods packed in cardboard boxes not only facilitate transportation but also ensure a high level of aesthetics.

Cardboard boxes are also considered a form of packaging and thus have certain standards and requirements regarding content and information, such as product dates, barcodes, serial numbers, and brand logos.

Carton sealing machine

The carton box sealing machine plays a crucial role in manufacturing operations, offering options for automatic or semi-automatic mechanisms based on the production needs of the enterprise.

An automatic sealing machine is designed specifically for box sealing tasks, while other steps such as folding flaps and closing the box may still require human intervention.

Conversely, fully automatic machines can perform all functions due to preset configurations and setups.

Some models provided by VMS include: FXJ-6050 box sealing machine, FXJ-5050AS box sealing machine, and FXJ-5050Z automatic box sealing machine.

Labeling machine

Labeling products is a mandatory requirement before they can be exported and circulated in the market.

There are no specific standards for labeling, but for products to attract attention and appeal to customers, labels must be applied accurately, neatly, with high adhesion, and consistently aligned for each item.

Depending on the labeling needs of different products, the choice of labeling machine varies.

Some products require wrap-around labeling, single-sided labeling, double-sided labeling, for items like metal bottles, glass bottles, etc.

Weight checking scale used in the consumer goods industry

Weight checking machines are integrated into production conveyor systems to accurately measure and ensure uniformity of each product.

Products that do not meet specified weight standards are automatically removed from the production line.

Some quality weight checking machine models you can consider include:

  • I-Series weight checking machine
  • J-Series weight checking machine
  • Lightweight and medium-weight Intech weight checking machine

Industrial date printing machine

In any manufacturing industry, the use of printing equipment is crucial for marking and providing essential information about products.

Information such as Manufacturing Date (MFD), Expiry Date (EXP), brand logos, QR codes, and other details are often printed directly on products or packaging.

This not only aids in quality control and traceability but also supports promotional efforts and identifies the origin of the product.

Packing machine

Packing machines are increasingly popular in various manufacturing operations, especially in the consumer goods industry.

VMS is currently a reliable supplier of high-quality packing machines. You can explore some of the packing machine models offered by VMS:

Viking Masek packing machines in Pillow, Sachet, Stick formats

VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) packing machines

Packing machines for the paper industry such as Maxima tissue packing machine, ULTIMA roll paper packing machine, UCP-700 carton box packing machine for tissues.

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