It is forecasted that in 2023, registered FDI capital will continue to increase in the context of easing tensions in the global economic and financial situation, this shows a clear opportunity for the city’s industrial production industry. Ho Chi Minh City takes advantage of external forces to overcome difficulties and regain its strong growth.


In 2022, the increase in the city’s industrial production index. Ho Chi Minh City only reached 2.3%, much lower than the national average of 7.8%. According to the Department of Industry and Trade, the overall industrial production index (IIP) in January 2023 decreased by 21.4% compared to December 2022.

In the city area. In Ho Chi Minh City, the industrial production index decreased by 15%. However, some industries with increased production index over the same period are: beverage production; production of coke and refined petroleum; manufacturing products from rubber and plastic; water exploitation, treatment and supply.

In addition, the industrial production situation of enterprises in January 2023 also decreased by 0.8% compared to December 2022 and increased by 2.3% compared to the same period in 2022.

The 67th HUBA Business Cafe Program

In addition to many industries with a decreasing labor index such as printing and copying records of all kinds; manufacturing electronic products, computers and optical products; metal production… Some industries still have increased labor index over the same period such as processing and manufacturing industry (up 48.9%); beverage production (up 38.8%); Production of paper and paper products (up 16.5%)…


Challenges come not only from technological change but also from the world’s reform trend. Starting in 2024, an important rule of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) will take effect, according to which multinational corporations will be subject to corporate income tax of at least 15% (applies to all subsidiaries). Meanwhile, Vietnam’s strength in attracting FDI is its preferential tax rate, usually only 10 – 12%.

Besides, in 2023, Vietnam’s economy still faces challenges such as: Interest rates are still high, exchange rates are still under pressure to increase (although they have eased); The recovery program and public investment disbursement have not had a breakthrough; Enterprises still have many difficulties such as capital and human resources; Risks of corporate bonds, especially real estate businesses, need time to process and become healthy.


Focusing on “Attracting external resources, promoting internal resources” – Ho Chi Minh City creates favorable conditions to attract FDI capital. Not only does it continue to maintain the goal of leading the country in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), in 2023, Ho Chi Minh City is expected to attract about 7.4 billion USD, nearly double that of 2022.

This is a key stage for businesses that have not yet achieved a high level of automation in production and still encounter obstacles in increasing productivity and quality. Attracting financial resources is a very good opportunity for businesses to have additional investment sources to convert technology, solutions, and equipment in accordance with the current 4.0 development trend.

Mr. Duong Van shared about key opportunities for businesses to convert to appropriate technology, solutions, and equipment when there is financial investment.

To accompany this potential development period, VMS aims to provide the following: Reliable, high-performance production solutions, applying production management technology VMS 4.1 and warehouse management WMS Helps exploit the maximum development potential of the business. These solutions include applications in primary and secondary packaging of products, printing and tracing information (expiry date, barcode, Qr Code, …, checking product quality/quantity control ( weighing scales, inspection cameras, detectors and X-ray).

Using appropriate equipment and solutions for each manufacturing industry and applying management according to the 4.0 trend, VMS is committed to bringing more optimal efficiency to businesses. The device operates automatically, maximizes capacity, line and factory management is also easier with remote monitoring and control connection. Monitoring production status, inventory, and real-time reporting helps business owners save time and human resources when operating the system.

At the 67th Business Coffee program, with the theme of meeting at the beginning of the year, economic forecasts of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City. in 2023 by the Business Association organized by Ho Chi Minh City, businesses and experts shared their opinions to continue to attract sustainable FDI, so that the industrial production sector in particular and the economy in general can achieve the growth rate as set out. In addition to specific solutions, it is necessary to be steadfast, stabilize the macroeconomy, optimize resources, and enhance the independence, self-reliance, self-reliance and resilience of the economy.

Source: News Center

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