Fresh and frozen foods

Overview of the fresh and frozen food industry

The fresh and frozen food industry has become an essential part of the food market due to its convenience, nutritional value, and long-term preservation capabilities. 

Additionally, time-saving in daily cooking has been a significant factor contributing to the substantial growth of this industry in recent times.

The increasing demand has driven manufacturing enterprises to boost production capacity. Businesses are increasingly investing in modern machinery to optimize production and increase profitability. This ensures production capacity and product output quality to meet the stringent market demands.

Currently, there are many companies in the market offering industrial equipment with various brands, pricing, and services. Finding a reliable provider that offers comprehensive solutions is not an easy task.

VMS is a company with over 22 years of experience providing HIGH-EFFICIENCY RELIABLE SOLUTIONS: Primary packaging solutions, track and traceability solutions, product quality inspection solutions, and secondary packaging solutions. 

We are committed to advising on suitable equipment solutions, optimizing capital investment costs, and providing 24/7 technical services to ensure peace of mind for your business operations.

Exploring equipment solutions for the fresh and frozen food industry

Below are equipment solutions for the fresh and frozen food industry, as follows:

Printer for information on frozen food packaging

Food, especially frozen food, is directly related to health, safety, and stringent quality control. Therefore, product information must be clear and accurate for consumers.

Given its unique characteristics and environment, ensuring high-quality, sharp, non-peeling printing that meets food safety standards is crucial. 

Particularly in cold storage environments with high humidity, the printing process for information such as production dates and expiration dates on complex packaging materials like PA/PE, PET/PE, PET/MPET/PE, OPP/MCPP,… which are waterproof, bacteria-resistant, and allow for clear printing.

Requires meticulous consideration of printing equipment and ink solvents in terms of sourcing, certification, and operational quality.

With over 22 years of experience, VMS provides solutions for the fresh and frozen food industry, backed by real case studies that demonstrate reliability more than ever.

Automatic inkjet printer Linx

Linx – A renowned brand from the UK established in 1987, leading in research and manufacturing of industrial printing solutions across various manufacturing sectors. Linx’s network spans major markets in Europe, North and South America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and much of Africa.

Linx is at the forefront of continuous inkjet (CIJ), laser, and thermal transfer printing technologies on diverse packaging materials and surfaces. 

In the fresh and frozen food industry, Linx places special emphasis on operational methods and print quality to meet international safety standards.

Laser marking machine

This is a technology that uses high-energy sources like CO2, FIBRE, and UV to mark information onto material surfaces. 

By not using ink or solvents, it ensures health safety and minimizes the risk of tampering or counterfeit information on products.

You can explore some high-quality laser marking machines provided by VMS

Thermal inkjet printer on food packaging

This is a non-contact printing technology similar to CIJ but uses ink specifically designed for various industries and materials. The printer features small size, high resolution, touch screen interface, and capability for larger print sizes, making it an excellent solution for applications in the fresh and frozen food industry specifically, and various other industries in general. TIJ printers are an efficient and cost-effective choice for operational use.

Thermal transfer printer (ribbon)

Linx TTO (Thermal Transfer Overprint) printer is used to print codes and information directly on packaging films, labels, or product packaging. With advanced technology, this printer ensures high-quality, sharp, and durable printing, making product information clear and legible.

Below are some popular Linx thermal transfer printers used in manufacturing lines.

Automated packaging solutions in the fresh and frozen food industry

The packaging machine will measure and pack one or multiple products into bags for items such as frozen meat and fish, pre-packaged foods, and frozen seafood. In the food industry, an automated packaging line typically includes equipment for bag dispensing, product dosing, and bag sealing. The machines operate continuously and repetitively throughout the production process. All these processes are programmed and controlled directly on the machine to ensure efficient and consistent operations

VMSBS packaging machine

VMSBS is a versatile packaging machine capable of accurately and automatically packing various products at high speed into a variety of bag types and formats. It not only handles packaging for frozen food but also serves other industries such as packaged noodles, packaged pho, fresh bread, sandwiches, mooncakes, packing single or multiple products (2, 4, 6, 8 or more into the same packaging), and tray packaging.

VMS RF packaging machine

VMS RF is a horizontal packaging machine with cost-effective features suitable for small and medium-sized manufacturing units. The machine is constructed with a steel frame and powder-coated finish, ensuring robust structure and durability. It features a touchscreen interface for easy parameter setting and operation. Packaging temperature is independently controlled by PID, suitable for various packaging materials.

Customers have implemented equipment solutions in the fresh and frozen food industry provided by VMS:

With over 22 years of experience, VMS provides equipment solutions in the fresh and frozen food industry. We have earned trust from numerous large clients in the industry. 

Based on real case studies, VMS understands the specificities of the sector and production processes. This brings many benefits to businesses in optimizing costs and operational expenses.

Therefore, to choose the suitable equipment, please contact VMS for consultation:

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