Canned food

Characteristics of the canned food industry

Currently, the canned food industry consumes a large quantity of products every day. Therefore, the issue of quality and food safety is of particular concern to consumers.

Safety, health, nutrition, and origin are the factors that most influence their purchasing behavior. After these, factors such as brand, size, and packaging are considered.

Thus, businesses always pay attention to the stages of preliminary processing, canning, and preservation. The process is always strictly supervised and carefully implemented. However, some errors may still occur, such as shortages in quantity, impurities, insufficient weight, or partially damaged products.

Additionally, businesses need to clarify information about the product, production facilities, and the company itself, in order to create high reliability and enhance consumer trust.

Equipment solutions for the canned food industry

In order to circulate in the market, products need to comply with standards from the production stage to completion. 

Products intended for international export often have to meet higher standards in the global market. These regulations usually pose significant challenges for Vietnamese businesses.

Mostly, manual production cannot ensure safety and consistent quality. Therefore, businesses need to invest in modern, automated machinery and equipment to produce high-quality products, meet large consumption demands, and ensure hygiene standards. Below are the most common solutions for the canned food industry:

Packaging and canning solutions

In the food industry, packaging and canning play a crucial role in preserving product quality, ensuring hygiene and safety, and providing convenience for consumers. Here are some advanced packaging and canning solutions:

Date coding solutions on food cans

Date coding on food cans is an essential part of a quality product. Date printing helps consumers track information about the production date and expiration date of the product.

Additionally, it helps businesses manage inventory effectively and comply with food safety regulations.

Here are some date printing solutions for the canned food industry:

Metal and contaminant inspection solutions for canned food

Using metal detectors and inspection systems in the canned food production process is essential to ensure hygiene and safety. 

These devices help detect and eliminate contaminants and metals that could be hazardous to consumer health, while also ensuring the product meets the highest quality standards.

Here are the types of metal detectors and inspection systems for the canned food industry:

Weight checking solutions for canned food

Using weight checking scales for canned food is essential to ensure that each product meets the specified weight accurately. This helps ensure fairness to consumers and compliance with packaging and sales regulations

Labeling solutions for food cans

Labeling machines enhance professionalism and aesthetics for products, while reducing errors during packaging. This also improves product recognition and attracts customers, especially in the competitive environment of the canned food market.

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