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The electrical and electronic industry is currently experiencing strong growth, led by major corporations at the forefront of the digital technology trend. As a result, sectors producing ultra-small components are also expanding. 

VMS understands the importance and challenges within this industry, offering tailored solutions to support sustainable development for businesses. Let’s explore the solutions in the electrical and electronic sectors together.

The characteristics of the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry

Electronic components often require suitable coding tailored to small product dimensions. Electronic components typically have small sizes, with encoding devices for complex electronic components and high resolution. They also ensure durability for manufacturing processes, even in environments with cleaning agents.

Solutions for equipment in the electrical and electronic industry

Implementing equipment solutions in manufacturing for the electrical and electronic industry helps businesses improve efficiency and operate more effectively. Below are equipment solutions for the electrical and electronic industry:

Coding solutions for the electrical and electronic industry

Currently, components in the electrical and electronic industries require comprehensive printing of product information for purposes such as product identification, brand recognition, traceability, and counterfeit prevention. Most of these devices have metallic surfaces, so printing solutions must ensure quality, adhesion, and absolute durability.

For small surface coding needs, high contrast, and high resolution, printing technologies must withstand chemicals used in manufacturing for better readability. Two suitable technologies for this purpose are continuous inkjet printing and laser masking machine.

Continuous inkjet printing

Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printing technology is widely used across various manufacturing sectors to print on packaging such as bags, bottles, tubes, pouches, and lids. It can handle simple or complex codes with different output capacities.

CIJ printers offer fast printing speeds, durability, and are designed for easy operation, flexible installation, and compatibility with most surfaces.

You can explore some Linx CIJ printer models: Linx 8900, Linx 5900, Linx 7900, Linx 8840 Spectrum, …

The advantages of Linx’s modern inkjet printing technology are as follows:

Automatic printhead flushing feature minimizes nozzle clogging even during continuous long-term operation.

Remote printing monitoring can be conducted via devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc., based on pre-programmed systems within the printer.

High-performance data storage system capable of storing up to 1000 messages, facilitating easy statistical analysis, reporting, and production evaluation for businesses.

Laser marking machine

Laser engraving technology features high resolution, sharp printing, and the ability to directly engrave complex information, brand logos, and images effectively on any material. Additionally, it is widely used for anti-counterfeiting purposes.

To ensure suitable printing functions for products, various laser engraving technologies have been developed, providing flexibility in usage. These include:

Fiber Laser Engraving Technology: Commonly used for metals.

CO2 Laser Engraving Technology: Popular for engraving on thicker materials.

Thermal transfer overprinter

Thermal transfer printing technology originates from heat press technology, a form of contact printing, but has been enhanced with high speed and the capability to print intricate details with high precision.

Carton sealing machine

The benefits of using a carton box sealing machine in the electrical and electronic industry:

Not limited to just the electrical and electronic sector, packaging and box sealing are essential stages that facilitate easier transportation of goods.

Automatic carton sealing machines with high-speed box sealing capabilities help businesses increase operational efficiency. Typically, it takes only a few seconds to seal a box.

Compared to manual box sealing methods, automatic carton sealing machines ensure higher aesthetic appeal. This is because the process of cutting and applying tape onto the carton is uniform and consistent…

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