Characteristics of chemical industry production

The chemical manufacturing industry in Vietnam is still relatively young, but it is experiencing strong growth. A prime example is the increasing number of industrial chemical production plants being established in industrial zones in major cities.

Chemicals play a crucial role in transforming raw materials into desired products that serve daily life. It can be said that the chemical industry has high applicability and a significant impact on many related sectors such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food, sanitation, and more.

Chemical production often involves complex chemical reactions that require strict control of temperature, pressure, and catalysts. 

The chemical industry frequently handles hazardous and toxic substances, necessitating stringent safety procedures to protect workers and the environment.

Chemical manufacturing requires advanced technology and continuous updates to increase efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Equipping with specialized, modern, and durable machinery and equipment is essential for enterprises in the chemical industry to meet the stringent production requirements.

VMS has been partnering with businesses, from major names to small enterprises in Vietnam, for over 22 years.

We understand the importance of applying technology and equipping advanced machinery in the chemical manufacturing industry.

We are committed to providing the best solutions to help businesses improve production efficiency, ensure employee safety, and protect the environment.

Explore high-quality, modern equipment solutions for the chemical industry at VMS:

At VMS, equipment solutions include: primary packaging solutions, trace printing solutions, quality inspection solutions, and secondary packaging solutions. 

Here is a compilation of the types of machinery and equipment available at VMS to meet the requirements of businesses in the chemical manufacturing industry:

Automatic filling machines in chemical production

This filling machine is typically used to fill various chemicals and liquids into packaging and chemical containers. Most chemicals are hazardous substances, so using filling machines helps minimize direct contact with chemicals, ensuring safety during the production process.

Here is a compilation of high-quality automatic chemical filling machines:

Inspection Machine

Foreign matter detection for chemicals is essential to ensure product purity and quality, as well as prevent unwanted side reactions. 

This process helps protect human health, ensure workplace safety, and maintain efficiency in industrial and research applications.

Types of packaging and label printing machines

Packaging and label printers for chemical products help provide accurate information about ingredients, usage instructions, and safety warnings. This ensures compliance with regulations and enhances professionalism and reliability of the product for customers.

Other supporting machines include: pallet wrapping machines, shrink wrapping machines, labeling machines,…

Other supporting machines in chemical production include:

Pallet wrapping machines, which securely fix goods and minimize risks during transportation.

Shrink wrapping machines, protecting products from dust and moisture while enhancing aesthetics.

Labeling machines, ensuring accurate placement of labels on packaging, providing information about ingredients, usage instructions, and safety warnings

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