Building materials

Currently, our country is undergoing a phase of development, entering a period of significant transformation. The demand for constructing buildings is increasing, requiring a sufficient supply of building materials to ensure continuity and sustainability in the construction process.

Like any industry, the building materials sector also demands quality and compliance with standards to circulate in the market. So, what solutions will be applied in the building materials industry? Let’s explore the solutions introduced in the following article.

Solutions for the building materials industry

The building materials industry plays a crucial role in the sustainable development of construction projects in particular and the construction sector in general. In recent years, the growth of this industry has reached impressive figures.

However, the working conditions in this industry are also considered very harsh, such as high temperatures in steel production plants, dusty environments in cement factories, wood workshops, or frequent exposure to chemicals like paint, etc.

Therefore, the production process requires strict compliance with conditions and requirements to balance ensuring stable product quality and worker safety.

With over 22 years of experience providing machinery and equipment for production activities, VMS understands the demands of the building materials industry.

We are proud to have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who regularly update and apply new technologies in production. We always provide solutions that meet the production needs of businesses, delivering high and outstanding performance.

Equipment solutions for the building materials industry

The application of equipment solutions in the building materials industry not only ensures efficient operations but also helps products meet the necessary quality standards. Below are some equipment solutions for the building materials industry.

Date code printers in the building materials industry

The use of date code printers plays an important role in the building materials manufacturing industry. Some common applications of date code printers include:

  • Marking important product information such as manufacturing date, expiration date, technical specifications, ingredients, and usage instructions.
  • Managing product quality.
  • Ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Supporting inventory management.

VMS is a specialized provider of high-performance and reliable date code printer solutions for the construction materials industry, serving as a partner to large and small corporations and groups in Vietnam.

Carton box sealing machines in the construction materials industry

The carton sealing machines provided by VMS offer the following advantages:

  • Stable operation and high durability.
  • Simple operation that can be performed by anyone.
  • Long-term warranty policy with on-site technical support in case of equipment issues.
  • Adjustable carton box frame size manually.
  • Capability to integrate with additional printers for printing on carton boxes.

Please refer to two popular types of carton sealing machines currently on the market, along with their respective accompanying models:

Carton sealing machines

  • Automatic carton sealing machine VMSHL FXJ-5050ZQ
  • Automatic carton sealing machine FXJ-6050
  • Automatic carton sealing machine VMSHL FXJ-5050Z

Four-corner tape sealing machine

  • Carton edge sealing machine JFX-5050B
  • Carton edge sealing machine JFX-5060

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