Fertilizers – Plant protection drugs

Overview of the fertilizer and pesticides

The reality shows that the trend of importing biological drugs and products is gradually decreasing, thanks to the remarkable development in technology and innovation by domestic enterprises. 

These products not only meet high quality standards but also offer competitive prices, contributing significantly to increasing productivity and maintaining market stability in recent years.

To meet increasingly stringent standards, companies are continuously investing in modern machinery and equipment, improving modern production processes, and applying the most advanced technologies to production.

Furthermore, ensuring international quality standards such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is also a particular focus for enterprises. 

These efforts not only enhance the competitive position of domestic companies in the international market but also contribute to increasing consumer confidence in domestic products.

In fact, many products manufactured in Vietnam have been exported to demanding markets such as Europe, the United States, and Japan, demonstrating the progress and quality of Vietnam’s fertilizer and pesticides.

Applying advanced machinery and equipment solutions in the production of fertilizers and pesticides

VMS Trading & Technical Co., Ltd., with over 22 years of experience, specializes in providing industrial solutions for large and small manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam. 

Throughout its long history, accompanying the development of Vietnam’s industry, VMS deeply understands the importance of innovation and continuous improvement of technological solutions to meet the increasing demands of customers both domestically and internationally.

At VMS, there are four main solutions: Primary packaging solution, track and traceability solution, inspection solution, and secondary packaging solution. Specifically, the equipment groups listed below are included:

The solution for coding information on fertilizer and pesticides packaging, bottles, and containers

Our packaging and bottle coding solution ensures clear and accurate coding of important information such as barcodes, expiration dates, and batch numbers for our products. 

This solution enhances both the aesthetic appeal of packaging and improves traceability and product management effectively.

Explore various date coding machines with different technologies such as continuous inkjet printers, ribbon coders, large character printers, label printers,…




The solution for filling, packaging lines in the production of fertilizers and pesticides

Automatic packaging and filling lines in the production of fertilizers and plant protection products ensure automated, precise, and efficient processes. 

Using modern technology, this system optimizes production, minimizes waste, and ensures product quality.

Furthermore, fertilizers and pesticides are chemical-based and can be harmful to human health. Therefore, applying these machines helps avoid direct contact, ensuring safety for workers. 

Additionally, our solution complies with strict safety and environmental protection standards.

Explore some models of automatic packaging and filling lines at VMS:

Filling lines

packaging lines

Some other types of supporting machines: Shrink wrapping machines, carton strapping machines, label applicators, palletizing robots…

VMS provides a range of other production support machines such as shrink wrapping machines, box strapping machines, label applicators, and various other equipment. 

These are effective devices that optimize packaging and transportation processes in the production of fertilizers and plant protection products.

Shrink wrapping machines

Carton strapping machines

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