Common characteristics of the agricultural sector

Below are some key characteristics of the agricultural sector:

  • Agriculture is seasonal in nature.
  • Similar to the food industry, agricultural products are susceptible to spoilage and quality deterioration over time if transportation and storage processes are not properly managed.
  • To ensure the best quality of agricultural products, it is essential to employ modern machinery, equipment, and advanced technical measures.
  • The majority of agricultural products meet daily essential consumption needs and directly impact human health. Therefore, strict requirements for food quality and safety must be enforced.
  • Furthermore, to qualify for export to other countries, products must fully comply with the standards of the importing country. Each country has its own technical standards, processing procedures, hygiene standards, environmental factors, and even specific production and processing standards.
  • These standards are increasingly stringent and challenging, becoming powerful tools that countries use to protect their domestic agricultural sectors amidst current globalization trends.

Equipment solutions for the agricultural sector

Here is a compilation of equipment solutions for the agricultural sector:

Packaging machines in agricultural production

Instead of manual packaging, using automatic machines ensures better quality of agricultural products by utilizing vacuum sealing to prevent spoilage from exposure to air, moisture, and bacteria. This helps maintain product freshness longer and reduces the risk of contamination.

Automatic packaging machines operate based on the following process: bag feeding, material feeding, sealing and packaging, vacuum sealing (depending on the machine).

Using automatic packaging machines increases productivity, reduces working time, and saves labor.

Referencing some types of packaging machines in agricultural production:

Metal detector and X-ray inspection system for agricultural products

The machine ensures food safety by detecting and removing hazardous contaminants such as metal fragments, stones, or plastic, reducing the risk of harm to consumers.

It protects processing equipment from damage caused by hard contaminants, thereby reducing maintenance costs and increasing machine lifespan.

Detecting and removing contaminants also improves the quality and reliability of the product, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.

Refer to modern metal and foreign matter detectors at VMS.

Carton sealing and erecting machine

The carton sealing and erecting machine creates uniform and sturdy crates, ensuring the protection of agricultural products during transportation and storage.

Professionally sealed and erected crates enhance the product’s image, leaving a positive impression on customers and partners.

Referencing some popular automatic box sealing and erecting machines currently used in the market.

Strapping machine

The box strapping machine is a valuable device in the manufacturing and packaging process at factories and production facilities.

Applying a strapping machine helps improve efficiency, create a professional product image, and reduce production costs for businesses.

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