About VMS


A prosperous Vietnam must be a thriving Vietnamese industry. VMS company, VMS’s people, customers, suppliers, and tens of thousands of Vietnamese. We all have aspirations and wholeheartedly strive FOR VIETNAM'S PROSPEROUS INDUSTRY.

A prosperous Vietnam with a thriving Vietnamese industry will bring PROSPERITY to workers and the Vietnamese people. It's not just about external prosperity but also inner happiness for every individual.


In industrial production or anything else, reliability is essential. VMS Company - its people, products, services, customer supply chain, and suppliers must all be reliable. 

Reliability, coupled with high efficiency, forms a solid foundation for VMS Company, VMS people, suppliers, and VMS customers to provide society and the community with QUALITY AND VALUABLE products.

Trustworthiness and high efficiency are demonstrated not only through products and services, but also through every individual at VMS.



We understand that communication is key to cohesion within VMS and with customers, suppliers.

We respect, empathize, understand deeply, and share responsibilities. 

We acknowledge, recognize mutual values, and benefits in collaboration for sustainable development.


We are straightforward, honest, and transparent, without personal gain that harms the organization, society, customers, suppliers, colleagues, subordinates, or superiors.

We are honest with customers about our capabilities and responsiveness. The VMS team is honest about the results of our work.


We understand that organizational development always accompanies the learning spirit of each individual within the organization, including leaders, managers, and every position.

We listen without judgment, actively seek to learn and understand, enhance self-learning abilities to develop ourselves, meet individual capacity development requirements, and promote organizational development.

We learn at all levels with 100% focus at all times, learning from teammates, colleagues, suppliers, and especially from customers and external advanced training programs.


We express gratitude for what we receive from family, teams, colleagues, peers, customers, suppliers, and the community through thoughts, words, actions, communication behaviors, and individual/group protocols.

We understand, accompany, share successes and challenges together to achieve results and common goals for the team, department, and company.

05. JOY

We live and work joyfully, optimistically, and with positive thinking because we understand that it motivates ourselves and energizes each other to effectively collaborate within VMS and in our personal lives.


We understand that communication is the key to fostering cohesion within VMS and with customers, suppliers.

We respect, empathize, understand, and share responsibilities. 

We recognize and record each other's shared values and benefits in cooperation for sustainable development.


We are responsible, self-accountable, and willing to take responsibility for the outcomes.

We work according to commitments on schedule, productivity, quality, and efficiency.

We take charge of goals, action plans to achieve the best work effectiveness.


We always think according to the principle of writing down what needs to be done and doing according to what has been written. This includes commitments to customers, suppliers, regulations, rules, procedures, guidelines, and job descriptions.

We always adhere to the principles of management, operation, and execution according to technological systems and procedural practices with clear and factual data.

We control, measure, and evaluate productivity, quality, and work efficiency results at all levels on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual basis.


We strive wholeheartedly to think and act in accordance with commitments to customers, suppliers, our organization, and ourselves.

We understand that honoring commitments demonstrates self-respect, forms the basis for building trust, and establishes mutually beneficial relationships.


We strive wholeheartedly for wealth and happiness not only for ourselves and our families, but also believe that prosperity and happiness make opportunities for us to share with the community.

We believe that continuous effort and willingness to share contribute to creating a prosperous society



Continuous learning is extremely important to VMS, enhancing knowledge, skills, and attitudes to avoid becoming outdated and being left behind. 

The development of VMS is closely linked to the development of each position, management, and leadership.

We always proactively learn and inquire, asking questions to learn and learning to ask. We learn from customers, suppliers, colleagues, teammates, subordinates, and superiors at all levels, enabling both ourselves and the organization to enhance capabilities every day.


Learning goes hand in hand with action. We act purposefully, adhering to goals and plans, focusing on job quality and effectiveness.

Excellent execution means synchronized, disciplined effort, wholeheartedly supporting teammates towards common goals.

Actions yield results, profits, and people, ensuring personal commitment to the organization's integrity and vice versa.


Continuous movement always accompanies change, whether for VMS or any organization, adapting and mastering change is essential. 

Proactive and ongoing innovation across all aspects from operations, management, and organizational governance is crucial to avoid being conservative, outdated, stagnant.

Innovation does not mean abandoning core values; rather, it involves continually integrating core values, continuation and progress in the journey forward in accordance with the times.


Equality, respect, and self-esteem are the keys to sustainable relationships in all aspects to achieve mutual success. 

Win-win relationships always involve responsibilities according to roles and mutual commitments to balance benefits and risks.

The win-win relationships of VMS with organizations as customers, partners, suppliers, and individuals with VMS are built on trust, responsibility, and long-term commitment to maintain trust over time

Development history

Established on November 26, 2001, with core business operations focused on providing TRACK AND TRACEABILITY SOLUTIONS (printing production date, expiry date, batch code, and specifications on industrial products) and laying the foundation for the market entry of Linx Printing Technologies Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) technology in Vietnam.

In 2005, it became the exclusive distributor of Linx Printing Technologies from the UK for all product lines, including CIJ inkjet printing, Laser marking machine, Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO), and expanded its business scope to include additional products such as D.O.D carton printing technology and automatic carton sealing machines.

In 2007, it opened an office in Hanoi to provide sales consultancy and after-sales services for customers in the Northern region.

In 2008, VMS seized the opportunity to acquire Laser printing technology from Linx Printing Technologies UK and fully mastered the high-speed Laser date printing technology. It successfully sold and installed high-speed laser machines for leading beer factories in Vietnam, while also expanding the market for laser date printing technology with lower-power laser models such as 30W and 10W.

In 2010, VMS inaugurated its new headquarters at 3D4 Thanh Xuan Villa, Thanh Xuan Ward, District 12. This marked VMS's significant growth and development over the years, achieving a 40-fold increase in sales compared to its inception and selling over 1000 machines in the market.

In 2011, VMS implemented professional customer management and care software. The Helpdesk department was established to manage and control the quality of after-sales service. All installation, repair, and maintenance requests were issued as tickets on the CRM system. Helpdesk closely monitored the process of issue resolution and incident handling until completion. Conducting cross-checks with customers to confirm the completion of VMS technical support tasks.

In 2012, aiming to standardize human resources to support company growth and development. VMS implemented the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) evaluation and job efficiency system.

In 2013, VMS expanded deeply into the packaging machine market under the VIKING MASEK brand, offering vertical packaging machines (primary packaging) for sachets, sticks, and various types of pillow bags, achieving revenue close to 1 million Euros.

In 2014, VMS entered into partnerships to supply carton erectors and case packers from RINGPACK and SAFWU Taiwan, metal detectors and X-ray machines from Japan's leading SQUARE brand, label printers from Germany's CAB brand, and round and flat label applicators from SOLO. This period also marked continued strong growth across its product lines.

In 2015, VMS participated annually in showcasing equipment solutions to customers at specialized exhibitions and major trade shows such as Propak, Vietfood, Vietfish, Plastic & Rubber, ...

In 2016, VMS celebrated its 15th anniversary, marking 15 years of establishment and development. Stepping into the new year, VMS is confident in sustaining and achieving even greater success, continuously enhancing product quality and technical services to best meet customer needs.

In 2020, VMS expanded its headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City and rebranded to mark the company's 20-year milestone. 

Currently, with over 22 years of establishment, VMS has provided solutions to more than 2,500 customers, including 50% of the top 500 enterprises in Vietnam. They trace over 100,000,000 products per hour. 

Their solutions cover five main groups: Primary Packaging, Traceability Printing, Quality Inspection, and Secondary Packaging. Notably, their VMS 4.1 Production Management Software solution enhances manufacturing operations for businesses.

Meaning of the V.M.S logo

The meaning of the VMS logo

A logo is a crucial element of brand identity, conveying the core message of a business. An impressive logo should reflect the industry, sector, and values of the company.

VMS continuously innovates to provide customers with reliable and high-performance experiences that align with its vision: 'For Vietnam's Prosperous Industry.' Recognizing the importance of aligning its logo with its Vision, Mission, and 10 Cultural Values, VMS sees the need for a new logo.

This new logo will serve as a profound symbol of brand identity, effectively communicating a clearer message.